Allison On Demand Is

Text-to speech engines often sound impersonal and robotic. Typically, they don’t do a very good job with names. Go see for yourself. What if you could truly personalize your dialing campaign with Allison Smith one of most recognized voice over artists in the industry?

Our collection of over 338,000 names provides a more personalized experience for your audience. It will improve your results, and lead to higher ROI. Simply connect the collection via a simple REST style API, and you’re off and running. It’s affordable and easy to implement.

Simple and Affordable

Allison On Demand is implemented via a simple REST style API. Simply submit a structured request to the Allison On Demand servers, and you will immediately receive the requested recordings in the specified audio format. See our sample code and API documentation to see how easy it is to implement Allison On Demand. It’s affordable too.

Platform Independent

The Allison On Demand API works with any telephony platform capable of ingesting audio via a URL.

Continuously Improving

If you have a name that is not in the database, Allison On Demand automatically fills in the gaps for you. It generates the name on the fly and flags it for Allison to record in her next product update. Updates occur approximately once per month.

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Audio objects can are delivered in 16 bit, 8kHz mono PCM. Other formats can be delivered as needed.

Listen to Samples

Click here to request a sample of Allison On Demand.